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    The 5 Kingdoms

    • [[Pa-Mai]]
    • [[Londranis]]
    • [[Isceald]]
    • [[Kharul]]
    • [[Daggorland]]



  • Anthony Highthorne

    The young ruler of the Kharul kingdom. When he turned 11 years old both of his parents were killed by a plague. He's now 13 years old and is in full control of his kingdom. Anthony is a meek boy, very nervous, and he mostly defers to his advisers to rule …

  • Julian Golias

    The head advisor to [[:anthony-highthorne | Anthony Highthorne]], Julian has worked for the Highthorne family longer than anyone. Julian is manipulative and abuses his position to gain wealth. Although he abuses his power Julian has no desire to rule the …

  • Byron Saxfield

    The general of Kharul and lead military adviser to [[:anthony-highthorne | Anthony Highthorne]]. It's rumored that he killed his mentor (the former general Christopher Warwick) to rise in rank. Byron is a ruthless general who will do anything to get want …

  • Adriel Braine

    A high ranking knight in the court of [[:anthony-highthorne | Anthony Highthorne]]. A long time friend of the Highthorne family. He would die to protect Anthony. 20 years old skilled with a spear